High Eye to attend Sea Future 2021 with the Airboxer

Airboxer | long-range VTOL UAV | expo

High Eye Seafuture 2021
High Eye attends Sea Future 2021 in Italy


The maritime sector is undergoing profound changes, with the increasing demand for maritime services and stability in maritime surveillance and transport. This has led to increased use of unmanned systems both for surveillance activities (on land, sea surface and underwater) as well as for complex tasks (maintenance activities on ships or offshore platforms). The impact that this new technology will have on maritime security will be substantial, as unmanned systems can allow the acquisition of critical information and data that would not be possible with manned ships. High Eye believes in this new technology and its great potential for maritime activities: Throughout the years we have advanced our knowledge of our long-range VTOL UAV, the Airboxer.

If you are interested in the Airboxer, come and visit us at Sea Future 2021, at its 7TH EDITION, where we will showcase our long-range VTOL UAV the Airboxer. Sea Future is the business convention for maritime and dual-use technologies, the hub on the Mediterranean Sea for the Blue Economy.

Together with our business partner Angelo Podestà, High Eye will be exhibiting at this event, and we would love to see you there.

Visit us in PAD10 number 10-158!


Photo by www.navyrecognition.com

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