The Airboxer VTOL UAV at NEDS 2023

High Eye B.V. marked a significant presence at NEDS 2023, held in Rotterdam Ahoy, focusing on the theme of “Sustainable Security.” This premier event provided an essential platform for leaders in the defense and security sector, offering High Eye an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and efficiency. NEDS 2023 brought together industry experts, policymakers, and pioneering companies to explore and exhibit advancements in the field.


The Airboxer: Excellence in UAV Technology

Central to High Eye’s exhibition was the Airboxer, a long-range VTOL UAV, meticulously engineered to meet the stringent demands of contemporary defense missions. The Airboxer distinguishes itself with a 3-hour endurance capability and a 7 kg payload, all within a sleek design that maintains a maximum take-off weight between 25-32 kg. Its adaptability across diverse operational scenarios is unparalleled, making it an invaluable asset for various mission types.

Crafted for Demanding Environments

The Airboxer is rigorously designed to perform under the most challenging conditions, whether it be maritime operations, Arctic expeditions, desert deployments, or terrestrial surveillance. It boasts IP-67 water and dust resistance, ensuring reliability in diverse climatic conditions. The UAV’s EMI shielding further guarantees consistent performance in electromagnetic-intensive environments.

Advanced Features for Superior Operation

The Airboxer is equipped with state-of-the-art features that elevate it above conventional UAVs. It offers a 25 km line of sight range from maritime platforms and an extended 50 km range over land. The UAV’s fully automated operation system and encrypted MIMO datalink ensure secure and efficient mission execution. Its flexible payload capability allows for customization to meet specific operational requirements.

Compliance and Training: A Pillar of High Eye’s Philosophy

High Eye prioritizes compliance with the highest industry standards, evidenced by the EASA-compliant Pilot Operations Handbook and Maintenance Manual for the Airboxer. The company provides comprehensive training for pilots and maintenance engineers, both online and offline, underscoring its commitment to operational safety and expertise.

High Eye’s Visionary Role at NEDS 2023

High Eye’s participation in NEDS 2023 highlights its pivotal role in the defense and security industry. The focus on sustainable security at the event aligns seamlessly with High Eye‘s mission to deliver innovative, efficient, and sustainable UAV solutions. The Airboxer, with its advanced capabilities and strategic design, is poised to significantly contribute to the future of unmanned aerial technology in the realm of sustainable security.

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