High Eye showcases the Airboxer VTOL UAV at Amsterdam Drone Week 2023

March 21, 2023, Amsterdam, Netherlands The fifth annual Amsterdam Drone Week will be held at RAI Amsterdam from March 21–23. High Eye, a leader in unmanned aerial systems, is pleased to announce its attendance. The event, held in parallel with the EASA High Level Conference on Drones, highlights the most recent advancements in drone technology, tying cities and regions together with cutting-edge air mobility solutions.

Airboxer VTOL UAV at Amsterdam Drone Week (ADW) 2023

The Airboxer VTOL UAV system, created by High Eye, is designed to transform ISR capabilities for a variety of stakeholders. The Airboxer is positioned to improve a range of uses, including surveillance, security, emergency response, and inspection, while simultaneously saving both time and money on infrastructure and operating costs.

During this special anniversary edition of Amsterdam Drone Week, High Eye discusses with a diverse array of experts and industry leaders to explore present and future use cases of drone technology.

The ADW Hybrid event at Amsterdam Drone Week brings together the world’s UAM ecosystem, promoting co-creation and collaboration in the advancement of drone technology. High Eye is thrilled to participate in this important event and share its vision of a time when cutting-edge air mobility solutions will revolutionize how we link cities, regions, and communities all across the world.

For more information about High Eye and the Airboxer VTOL UAV, visit our booth at Amsterdam Drone Week or our website at www.higheye.com.

About High Eye and the Airboxer:
High Eye designs, produces and sells long-range VTOL UAVs for the international market. Its product, the Airboxer®, is a vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle that can outperform manned helicopters and VTOL fixed-wing UAVs in maritime, ISR, research & inspection missions. The unique combination of long-endurance capability enables the UAV to fly for up to four hours with multiple payloads such as IR, gas sensors or high-definition cameras while providing industrial reliability. www.higheye.com

Media Contact:
Philipp Jansen
Marketing Manager, High Eye
Phone: +31 6 19252776
Email: philippjansen@higheye.com
Website: www.higheye.com

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