Dordrecht, the Netherlands | High Eye is pleased to announce the appointment of Hans Teijgeler as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In this role, Hans will be responsible for leading the development and implementation of High Eye’s technical strategy and vision and ensuring the alignment of technology with the business goals and needs.

Hans brings a broad range of experience and expertise in the field of ICT, having worked as a project manager, product owner, and CTO for many leading organizations in the Netherlands, among others KPN, KLM, T-Mobile, Rabobank, Shell, and Philips. He served as CTO for NLZIET, where he was responsible for setting up the digital video service platform. Most recently, he was employed as a product owner at NPO.

In his spare time, Hans is also a keen inventor and engineer, with a passion for building aeroplanes, cars, and motorcycles. He has designed and built several unique vehicles, including a Jodel with a Subaru engine, a Vans RV3 with a turbo Subaru, and two Vans RV4s. Further, he has also converted a Robin PH-ERD with a Subaru engine and is currently working on the design of a 20s race plane with a Ferrari V12 engine. Additionally, he founded, designed and partly built Minotto, a company that designs and builds classic cars with modern features and has received widespread recognition and accolades for his work.

“We are excited to welcome Hans to our team and are confident that his technical skills, leadership, and innovative mindset will make a significant contribution to our company,” said Joost de Ruiter, CEO and owner of High Eye. “His diverse background and expertise will help us to accelerate our growth and drive the development of new products and solutions.”

Hans holds a degree in Applied Physics from TU Delft and has completed military service. He is based in the Netherlands and will report to the CEO.

Welcome, Hans!



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