High Eye signs contract with Texo Drone for delivering the first Long Range UAS in the United Kingdom

Texo Drone Survey and Inspection (Texo DSI) provides a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicle sevices as commercial drone operator and acquires the HEF 32 VTOL UAS to be able to fly Long Range (BVLOS) missions in all weather conditions.

Joost de Ruiter, CEO of High Eye Unmanned Aviation: “High Eye is proud to have Texo DSI as its first UK customer. It is great to see that our product is bought by such a professional and ambitious company. High Eye considers this a reward for 4 years of hard development work and very substantial investments that resulted in the HEF 32, a Long Range VTOL UAV that is truly light weight, financially viable and one that meets the most demanding industrial standards.”

James Arnott, Principal Systems Officer of Texo DSI says: “No other commercial drone operator has anything near the level of fleet and associated payloads that Texo DSI has. We are the go-to provider for the very best and most advanced UAV deployed survey and inspection solutions for clients. The addition of the Long Range HEF 32 unmanned helicopter is an excellent example of this.”

The HEF 32 Unmanned Helicopter System (UHS) is the first to be delivered to a UK operator and allows Texo DSI to operate detailed inspection of near shore installations, like wind turbines, without the risk and costs of maritime logistics of personnel.

James continues: “We decided based on the weight of less than 25kg, benefits of IP-67 rating operating in bad weather as well as the flight range and 4+ hours of flight time. We will start using an advanced 30x optical zoom HD camera system with thermal imaging cameras and target tracking”.



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