Updates on the newest HEF 32 Airboxer

The High Eye team is working vigorously to finalize and test all new features of the brand-new HEF 32 Airboxer. Over the last few months, many important milestones have been achieved. The newest HEF 32 Airboxer model features updates in all parts of its construction, leading to a vastly improved performance envelope and a class-leading reliability.

One of the most important goals was to achieve 1000 hours maintenance-free running on the rotor systems and both the gearboxes in a simulated testing environment – a goal which has been met and surpassed with relative ease. This paves the way for a rated airframe TBO (Time Between Overhauls) of 1000 hours, which is unprecedented in the lightweight UAV market. Both the rotor systems and the gearboxes will be based on ‘single-part’ modules. In short, this means that a customer only executes scheduled inspections externally to these assemblies, within the specified overhaul period. When reaching the overhaul lifetime on the assembly, the entire module can be swapped – or overhauled by High Eye. This creates a very lean maintenance program for customers, requiring only basic facilities and training levels.

Another major achievement is the trouble free running performance of the new HEF 32 Airboxer propulsion unit, which is centered around a two-cylinder 80 cc air-cooled engine. Using previous lessons learned, High Eye took the design of the new engine module to another level altogether. Combining in-house designed injection and cooling systems, a fully integrated custom ECU and a thorough dynometer testing program, the new engine is definitely ready for the future. The engine’s excessive power output has been flat-rated, to maximize its reliability and longevity, whilst still providing ample power to bring the HEF 32 Airboxer to its high service ceiling with adequate payload capability.

High Eye is confident that the new design is a world-beater, and that it will continue to break barriers within the coming years.

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