Military and commercial environments

The Airboxer UAV is a multi-functional ISR platform. High Eye designed it to get in and out of locations which are out of reach for other systems. Operators can adapt the platform to their mission requirements or applications and integrate it in challenging environments with ease. The Airboxer is equipped to act as a tactical sensor platform, gathering and relaying valuable data beyond the horizon. Find out more about its operational applications below.


Moving vessel automatic take-off/landing

Stabilized antennas for ship integration

IP-67 and EMI protection

STANAG compliancies

Small-deck capability

SAR Operations


Coastal Patrol


Law- Enforcement


Environmental Control

Tactical Reconnaisance


Disaster Management


Target Identification



Safety & Security

3+ hours hover capability

Rapid field deployment

Day & night operations

Airspace integration

Quick turnaround

Research & Inspection

System mobility

Long-range capability

Multi-payload integration

Challenging environments

Urban environment capability

Remote Survey


Offshore Monitoring


Infrastructure Monitoring


Pipe-/Powerline Inspection

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