High Eye believes that a UAV system is only truly as good as the customer support which is provided by the manufacturer. All levels of UAV integration, certification, training and maintenance are supported directly by High Eye through the availability of documentation, adequate training and global on-site support.


The Airboxer basic system provides a POH (Pilot Operating Handbook), MM (Maintenance Manual), QRH (Quick Reference Handbook) and logbooks. The documentation is written in English and follows existing EASA standards for aircraft documentation. The POH contains technical data, performance graphs, limitations, operational procedures, emergency procedures and checklists. The MM follows the PART145 format and supports routine maintenance checks and minor repairs.


High Eye provides several two-week training courses every year, for upcoming pilots and operators.  All pilots must complete a CBT (Computer Based Training) course before commencing the actual training course. The CBT takes a student through all chapters of the POH and provides an introduction to the Airboxer sub-systems. The final course includes ground school, simulator training and actual flight training sessions. The pilot completes several skill tests during the course, whereby we monitor the progress and provide dedicated, personal support to each student. Additional training is available for advanced operations and maintenance.


High Eye supplies simulators for additional crew training and recurrency. This system provides an accurate simulation of flight operations, including the flight planning software and a three-dimensional representation of the flight profile. One can prepare, test and modify any mission on the simulator, before performing them in real-life. The operator can implement and test software adaptions and changes to operational procedures without affecting the availability of the UAV. Besides this, many clients use the system to provide scheduled recurrency training for their flight crews.


The Airboxer is subject to 50 hour/annual inspection intervals and overhaul/replacement intervals. It is possible to maintain the Airboxer by using general aircraft maintenance facilities, on a routine basis. Rotor systems and gearboxes have a 1000 hour TBO, the engine has a replacement interval of 200 hours under standard operational conditions. High Eye provides full maintenance and overhaul services to customers, but also trains operators to perform inspection intervals using their own facilities and personnel.

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