Wildlife monitoring

Nature research on e.g. whales, polar bears, goose tracking or fisheries protection

Environmental surveys

Monitoring of sea ice or forest coverage and detection and monitoring of illegal pollution like oil spills

HEF 32 specifications for


Properties to meet Research requirements

  • Fly in extreme environments like arctic, desert or jungle for research of wildlife
  • Easy to load on pickup trucks or sledge to reach research or take off locations
  • Easily swap your payload to e.g. infrared (IR), multi spectral, lidar or gas sensor
  • Use skids to land on sand or snow
  • Fly Long Range to prevent going to difficult terrains
  • Hover and monitor from high altitudes to prevent noise disturbance for fauna

HEF 32 specification highlighted


Reach any take off location

With a transportation box and UAV that can be carried by hand and mounted on van, pick up or sledge

Client Cases

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