We love the smell of Jet Fuel in the morning

Around the High Eye headquarters, you’ll find a familiar scent…. the smell of Jet Fuel. Building upon a vast amount of testing data and experience in designing high-performance injection systems, High Eye has converted the Airboxer’s powerplant. It now runs on kerosene based fuel types, or as they are also known, heavy fuel.

Preparing for commonality of fuel programs is vital to maintain the Airboxer’s leading position in the market. Running on heavy fuel, operators can use existing logistical fuel supply chains, when operating from naval stations and vessels. The engineering team has successfully retained backwards compatibility of the gasoline based powerplant, allowing maximum flexibility in fuel choice and easy integration into local fuel requirements. Both powerplant types have more than 95% commonality of parts. A variety of heavy fuels has been tested and approved for flight operations, including Jet A-1, JP-5 and JP-8 (F-35, F-44 and F-34 accordingly). Engine starting can be performed throughout the entire operational temperature range of the Airboxer, using a fully-integrated pre-heating system. The 200 hour engine-TBO is maintained, regardless of the chosen fuel type.

The Airboxer features dual and triple redundant flight controls, fuel systems, sensor suites and actuators with an airframe-TBO of 1000 hours. It now also provides unprecedented fuel flexibility. High Eye is confident that the Airboxer is safely at the top of the food chain, leaving any competition far behind.

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