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ISR missions for navy and coast guard in Asia

Top Engineering Group focusses on using the HEF 32 Airboxer for maritime missions. The system has a small overall footprint, making it very easy to store and to operate on naval ships.

“On board of vessels we absolutely need certain capabilities to operate safe and secure missions. For example the small footprint for storage and operations, the protection against rain (IP-67 rating), salt (anodised construction) and high interference levels (EMI shielding), the antenna with stabilisation and of course the long range capabilities to fly BVLOS missions. These unique characteristics are especially important in South East Asian climates and maritime conditions”, Kornnarong says.

Kornnarong Tungfung, Managing Director/owner of TOP Engineering Group UAV also explores other opportunities for the helicopter, like SAR (Search and Rescue), wind turbine blade inspection, oil spill detection and monitoring wildlife populations.


Maritime operations have always been the core focus of the HEF 32 Airboxer’s design. Far-going use of corrosion proof coatings and materials, backed up with rapidly expanding naval testing operations, make the HEF 32 Airboxer suitable for long-term operations on a ship’s deck. High grade MIL-spec EMI protection allows the system to be used in conjunction with tactical radar systems. Different antenna integrations can be provided for BVLOS capabilities without interfering with the RF design of the vessel.

“Simply the best maritime VTOL UAV in its class, ideal for our challenging tropical Long Range missions”

Kornnarong Tungfung | Managing Director / Owner TOP Engineering Group UAV, Thailand

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