Texo Drone Survey & Inspection

Detailed inspection of ocean-based assets from shore-based locations

“With the HEF 32 Airboxer unmanned helicopter system, Texo Drone Survey and Inspection (Texo DSI) is the first in the UK able to do operations from shore-based locations to deliver detailed inspection of ocean-based assets without the associated risk and logistics of marine transport and transfer of personnel”, says John Wood, Chief Operations Officer Texo DSI.

“The HEF 32 Airboxer is a perfect fit because of its long range VTOL capabilities flying for over 3 hours, a take-off weight below 25 kg, a water recovery system and an IP-67 rating to allow operations in inclement weather. For maximised safety we also opted for an ADS-B transponder unit to ensure seamless integration and avoid conflict with traditional aviation.”

To be able to offer a wide range of services Texo DSI needed interchangeable payload options, like advanced 30x optical zoom HD camera systems, thermal imaging, LiDAR and UV Corona applications to accommodate both maritime and land-based missions. All using a long range live HD Data link. The UAV system is upgraded with target tracking to accomodate observation and tracking ahead of large vessels with limited manoeuvrability.

Emergency flotation bag

Fly above water to off shore assets

Protected against rain (IP-67 rating) and salt with anodized parts the HEF 32 Airboxer can fly above water and hover to inspect any asset. In case of an emergency, the flotation bags inflate automatically when submerged.

“The HEF 32 Airboxer is ideal for BVLOS detailed and precise inspection of offshore assets, including wind turbines”

John Wood | Chief Operations Officer Texo Drone Survey & Inspection, United Kingdom

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