Arctic UAV

Hover for hours in the frozen Arctic World

Arctic UAV chose the HEF 32 Airboxer to be able to perform nature research such as whales, seals and caribou tracking in the North of Canada.

“Operating Long Range UAV’s in the Arctic is challenging. We looked for a long period to find a robust unmanned VTOL UAV solution. We are convinced that the HEF 32 Airboxer is the best available option in the market” says Kirt Ejesiak, Chairman & CEO of Arctic UAV.

Besides wildlife and environmental surveys & monitoring Arctic UAV is planning to use the HEF 32 Airboxer for surveillance of marine traffic, detecting oil spills, ice reconnaissance from vessels or land based and sea ice monitoring in the arctic.

HEF 32 VTOL UAV in action


Because of its IP67 protection, the HEF 32 Airboxer is able to perform well under low temperatures and in snow. It can easily take off and land anywhere because of its snow skids


Minus 30 degrees Celsius and arctic conditions.

The HEF 32 Airboxer is suitable for operations far below freezing level and can operate from snow and ice. Due to the small size of the UAV and its practical transportation case, the system can be relocated easily in arctic sceneries, using a single snow mobile and sled.

“To track and monitor arctic wildlife we need kilometers of range with a VTOL UAV that performs under extreme conditions”

Kirt Ejesiak | Chairman & CEO Arctic UAV, Canada

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